SMM CEO & Marketing Director with YUJI ( TIANJIN ) team from china

On May 24, 2023, SMM COAL won the trust of the Enerpro Group to assist and carry out field exploration for coal content Gar 6000 up in the Separi – Tenggarong – East Kalimantan region

It is an honor to have the trust of accompanying potential investors in coal

SINERGY GLOBAL MADANI provides SMM COAL capital support

On April 29, 2023, SMM COAL signed financial support from SINERGY GLOBAL MADANI, a company engaged in the Capital Fund Project to provide support and facilities for SMM COAL at ICBC INDONESIA with the Usance LC payment transaction system worth $.100 million

The signing of the collaboration between PT.Sun Menara Mandiri was represented by Mr.Sundoyo, Ssi (CEO of SMM) and PT.Sinergi Global Madani represented by Ms.Stephani Jeselyn (Director)

Explore anthracite mining area in East Kutai, East Kalimantan

Mr.Sundoyo ( CEO of SMM ) in September 2020, conducted an exploration of Anthracite land to fulfill the requests of several potential investors who have anthracite needs, currently we SMM COAL are ready to fulfill supply if there is demand for Anthracite

Photo taken September 2020 Mr.Sundoyo at the Anthracite mine site

Project Joint Investment

The development of the SMM COAL business concept with several business partners from China, Europe, Pakistan, UEA, SMM COAL expansion in collaboration with mine owners from Low Gar to High Gar

Photo documentation of mining operations in the East Kalimantan region