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World's Leading Trading Corporation

PT. SUN MENARA MANDIRI (SMM), was incorporated in 19th Mei 2021 with approval of all the relevant Indonesia authorities. SUN MENARA MANDIRI was formed with the vision to tap in to the business of exported coal from Indonesia.

The company, with registered head office located in Tenggarong East Kalimantan – Indonesia, operates as an investment holding company with interests in the production and trade of coal in East Kalimantan and South Kalimantan – Indonesia.

PT. SUN MENARA MANDIRI is the leading coal Trading Company. We have a good cooperation with reliable and respectful mining Company. Some of them are having a long term contract with us to secure our suppliabilityto our satisfied Customer.



“Our vision is to be a global coal Trading Company, recognized through out the world as honest, good service and reliable Supplierfor our Customers and a partner for our Suppliers. Our trade mark and team work would be respectable and thrust worthy with the intention to do our best for the benefit of our Customers and Suppliers.”

To be a world class player in the regional and global competitions  with a competitiveness capability. To be a valuable company to  the environment, society and stake holder.


Develop coal trading business line, by strengthen local miners partnership to fulfill supply and demand.

Build a strategic alliance with regional and international partner to increase business capacity and competitiveness.

Gradually expanding business line to be global visioning business company to anticipate the global competitions and prepare to be a regional and a global player.
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